Do you want to know how you can change your server difficulty?
If yes, maybe you are trying to put it to hard or disable all aggressive mobs to keep it peaceful.
Well, you can do this playing your game or thourgh your Multicraft console.

Inside your game

If you want to change it through the game, you need to have OP first. If you don’t know how to have OP, we have an Article about “[How to: OP Yourself on Your Minecraft Server](“.

To change it you just need to type:
/difficulty peaceful,easy,normal,hard

Note that you don’t need to use “< >”.

For example:
If you want to remove all aggressive mobs, just type /difficulty peaceful.
If you want to put it in normal mode, you just need to type /difficulty normal.

Through your console

You can also change the diffivulty of your server in your Multicraft Console.
To do this, just type the same command but without slash “/” – Remember that you don’t need to use slash in your console.

Just click “Enter” (on your keyboard), or click on “Send”

Through Server Settings

If you want to also change the server default difficulty, you can do this through your Server Settings.

Stop your Server.
Go to “Files”.
Click on “Config Files”.
Then go to “Server Settings”.
Find “Difficulty” and change it to your wished difficulty.
Click on “Save”.
Start your Server.

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any assistance.
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