Sorry! Our free trial plans are currently out of stock. We're expecting to release more soon though!

1. How long does the free trial last?

The free trial plan lasts for 7 days. The server may be suspended a few hours earlier or later depending on what time of day you created the server.

2. What happens after the trial expires?

After the trial expires, your server will be suspended for 5 days. After the 5 days is up, the server and all of its files will be deleted. If you’d like to upgrade and retain your server files, it is important that you do so within this time period.

3. If I upgrade, do I keep my files?

If you upgrade within 11 days of the creation of your free trial server, all of your server files and configurations will be kept. You will also unlock the full features of our paid plans, including but not limited to:

FTP File Access
MySQL Database Creation
Subuser management
Ability to change server type
Ability to change player slots
Scheduled tasks
Better processing power (i7-6700k or E5-1650v3 CPU)

4. Can I use mods on my free trial server?

We only allow the following server types:

Vanilla Minecraft
Minecraft: Pocket Edition

You will be able to install plugins for Spigot/Bukkit servers using the plugin installer within the control panel. All other server types are not available on our free trial plans, only on our paid plans.

5. Can I create more than 1 trial server?

We limit trial servers to 1 per customer every 3 months. In order to ensure that everyone gets a chance to trial our services, we ask that you abide to this limit.

Anyone found to be making multiple accounts or abusing our free trial services in any way will have their account closed and will be banned from all of our services.

6. Does the free trial plan support Minecraft: Bedrock Edition?

Yes, you are able to create a free trial plan for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. It is important to note that you will be unable to change server types after the free trial is created.
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