Setting Up a URL

We want to setup a domain (URL) so our friends can connect to our server with just the URL, like without any of this 198.758.43.3:3532 nonsense.

The first thing you need to do is go to your Namecheap domain list:

Find the domain (URL) you want to use, and click “Manage”:

Click on “Advanced DNS”:

You should see something like this:

We want to add a record. Click on “Add New Record”:

We’ll be adding what is called an “A” record. This tells other people’s computers where to find your server on the internet. Click on “A Record”, then add @ to the “host” field.

For the “Value” field, we need an IP Address from your server. Find your server by logging in here:

Once you have opened your server, you want to find the line that says “IP” and has a number next to it. It should look something like this:

IP Address

You want to copy and paste the number to the left of the colon exactly as it is here into the field that says “Value”. Click the check-mark to finish.

Now, we have a URL pointed to our server.


At this point, I could connect to my server using my URL and the port number like this: But, what’s the fun in that? We want people to be able to connect just by typing in If it says anything other than 25565 for your “port” here, we need to do a little more work to make the URL work right.

Setting Up a Nice URL

We want to go back to our domain in Namecheap and click “Add Record”.

Scroll down on the list and click “SRV Record”. This is a service record, we’re telling the world that our Minecraft server really is at but we’re calling it

Now we have a bunch of text boxes.

For the “Service” box we want to add _minecraft

For the “Protocol” box we want to add _tcp

For the “Priority” box we want to add 0

For the “Weight” box we want to add 5

For the “Port” box we want to add the “port” you can find on your server using the number to the right of the colon:


In the “Target” box add your domain (URL). It’ll look something like

You should have something like this:

Hit the check-mark and you’re done! It may take up to 30 minutes to work.

Now you can connect to your website using just your domain (URL) without needing any fancy numbers or special symbols. It just works.

Feel free to open a ticket in your client area if you need any assistance.
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