My server won't start!
Your server is not starting for some reason?
First we need to try to find out what is causing this.
Multicraft, in few words, works by running the JAR File present within the folders of your server.

How the direcotry is nammed?
The directory is listed as "jar"
(it is a jar folder called "jar" inside your FTP

Once you click on "start" button, Multicraft will execute a specified jar file inside /jar folder in your FTP.
Once started, everything related to the process from this beginning is logged in the LOG present in your console.
And this file, in turn, will execute all others files that are present on your server.

Checking Console:
If you don't know how to access your console, log in to your Control Panel, and click the "Console" button on the left side of your panel.
Within all these weird messages and so much hard-to-understand information, you may encounter the latest errors, which are likely to be that the server will not restart the crashed server, a value will return, and a message saying that the server has shut down.

Something like this:
[Multicraft] Looks like a crash, check the server console. Return value: X
[Multicraft] Server shut down (starting/restarting/stopping
[Multicraft] Not restarting crashed server.

This message alone does not tell us much, but only that the server has been shut down due to an error.
If we look at some messages above, we may notice some information such WARN, ERROR or SEVERE, which is usually followed by the error that properly caused your server to crash and not start.

📰 How to fix them?
The most common errors we may encounter when crasha server can be found in our Troubleshooting Minecraft Server Errors article.

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need
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