This article will show you how to update your server to Minecraft 1.16.X version.

Updating to 1.16.X from Vanilla, Craftbukkit, Spigot and Paperspigot.

It's highly recommended to perform a backup before changing the server version and please make sure you don't have a setup going on by going to your Multicraft Panel - Files - Setup. If it's active, please click on "Cancel Setup"
First, head over to the GGServers Multicraft Control Panel.

Stop your server.

When the server is stopped, click on the list next to “Server Type” and choose the version you want to use. It can be "Vanilla Minecraft 1.16.3" or "Spigot 1.16.3" for example depending on your needs.

✔ Once it is changed you need just to click on "Save" and Start your Server!

NOTE: If you are running a lower version you may need to create a new world because there may be some incompatibilities between worlds. Also plugins will not be available.

To reset your nether please see this tutorial.

Updating to 1.16.X from other server types.

To do so, you will need to perform a clean installation by going to your Multicraft Panel and following these steps:

NOTE: A clean installation will delete all your server files including your backups, so please save your important files in your PC using Filezilla.

Stop your Server.
Click on "Files" and then on "Setup"

Select the template "Standard Minecraft".
On the following exemple we selected one modpack, but you can select any type you wish.
Check **ONLY** "Delete All Server Files" box.
Click on "Apply".

NOTE: Make sure not to tick the second box when doing the setup.
(Run setup on every server start). This will delete all your server files every time the server starts up.

Back to your main panel page.
Start the server.


Feel free to contact LiveChat or open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any further assistance.
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