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Force Website's SSL Certificate Validation ( Force HTTPS Redirect )

Forcing your visitors to access your Website using a secure connection with a valid SSL certificate is an easy task.


Before we get into this guide you must ensure you've Auto SSL enabled for your Website. To do so, we have a helpful article over here that will definitely help you! To view it, click Here -> How to Auto SSL your Website

Login in at using the credentials you've received in your email shortly after the purchasing process.
Scroll down to the " Domains " section and click on " Domains ".

Select your wished domain you'd like to force the HTTPS Redirect and that's it!
Optionally, if you'd like to enable it in all domains you own, just tick the box located on the left top and then click on the big button " Enable Force HTTPS Redirect ".

That's it!

Should you need further help, feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area.

Updated on: 04/04/2022

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