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Failed to Verify Username

This is a common error that you may receive when you try to join your server.

🔬 How to Fix 🔬

Usually, this error is solved by:

Logging out your Minecraft Account through your launcher.
Logging back into your Minecraft Account through your launcher.

🤖 Running a Pirate Edition of the Game 🤖

If you receive this error it could mean that you are using a pirate version to join and you need to enable Offline Mode.

We have a guide explaining how to enable Offline Mode here.

To allow non-premium players to join the server follow these steps:

Go to your multicraft server from the panel (
Click on Files
Click on Config Files
Click on Server Settings
Set "Online Mode" to disabled
Click Save
Restart your server

If you find any issues you can contact us on live chat or via the ticket system here.

❕ Useful Links ❕

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Updated on: 05/26/2023

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