This guide will show you a few steps that may improve your server performance.

If your server is running any of the 1.14.x versions of Minecraft, please read this article first: Minecraft 1.14.x. Why this lag?

Decrease your TickSpeed

You can decrease your TickSpeed by using the command /gamerule randomTickSpeed 2 inside the game on your server. You will need to be an OP for this. If you don't know how to become an OP, please read our How to: OP Yourself on Your Minecraft Server article.

Cording to the " Minecraft Game-pedia " the "randomTickSpeed" land to:
How often a random block tick occurs (such as plant growth, leaf decay, etc.) per chunk section per game tick. 0 disables random ticks, higher numbers increase random ticks. Setting to a high integer results in high speeds of decay and growth

By default, Minecraft has the randomTickSpeed set to 3.

Decrease your server View-Distance

To decrease your View Distance:
Log into your Multicraft Panel

Click on "Servers". Go to your server.

Stop your server

Click on "Files", then "Config Files"

Click on "Server Settings".

Find the "View Distance" box, and change it to a lower number such 6 or 5.

The View-Distance uses an equation to determinate how many chunks the server-side will load for the players.
The equation for view distance is: (2x+1)²
For the default, of 10, should be: (2*10+1)² = 21²; 441.

Automatic Restarts

Automatic restarts unload heavy chunks that are still loaded on your server and damaging your server's performance. You can set your server to automatically restart at a time when players are not using your server following our Scheduled Restarts article.

Use PaperSpigot

We highly recommended that you use PaperSpigot if you are currently using Vanilla, Craftbukkit or Spigot.
Note that this will not work for modded servers.
PaperSpigot is much more lightweight and has many features that allow you to improve your performance. Once your server is running on PaperSpigot, you can follow this article: Improve Spigot Performance to increase your server's performance.

Once you server is on PaperSpigot, you can use the /timings command to see your timings.

Timings Report
The "Timings" command can be used to get a graphic of your server usage. This can for sure be used to detect what should be the problem if your server is lagging.
To get a simple timings you can type: /timings on
By doing this, your PaperSpigot server should start recording your server timings, so you'll have to wait some time for the server to register all timings.
It's suggested to wait around 7-10 minutes for a good precision of it.
Then to get the timings report just type: /timings paste

The command above should give you a link where you'll be able to see all server statistics and resource usage.
Under the "timings" tab you can find your timings.
If you notice something with the color red, it is using a high part of your server resources/peformance.
By clicking on the tab "Plugins", you can see, what plugins are causing the most lag on your server.

Using Optimization DataPacks (Minecraft 1.13+)

DataPacks are ZIP files that can customize your Minecraft experience. They can be used to add/remove/change advancements, functions, loots, predicates‌, structures, recipes, tags and etc without any code modification such Mods.
There're some DataPacks done for Minecraft Versions that can work as a way to remove lag and optimize the server such the Antilag Datapack, Lag Optimization or Lagbuster.
If you don't know how to install a DataPack, we have an article dedicated for it on here:

Upgrade your service

Upgrading your service to a server with more RAM or switching to the premium plan may improve your performance. This is especially true on servers that have a lot of plugins or mods that use more RAM.

Feel free to open a ticket in your client area if you need any assistance.

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