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How to Improve Performance on Your Fabric Modded Server

Lag is one of the saddest things that a Modded Server player can experience. This guide will help you improve performance on your server.

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Here's how you can avoid some lag in your server:

🔁 Automatic Restarts 🔁

Automatic restarts unload heavy chunks that are still loaded on your server and damage your server's performance.

You can set your server to automatically restart at a time when players are not using your server following our Scheduled Restarts article.

🔩 Using Anti-Lag Fabric Mods 🔩

Using Anti-Lag Mods can be very dangerous but they can also be used to avoid huge lag on Fabric Modded Servers.

To install them just drag and drop the Mods into your /mods directory.

Here is our guide for installing mods into your server.

Some examples:


NOTE: The Lithium mod is a great addition to any Fabric server!

🔌 Using Client-Side Shaders Mods 🔌

Another way to improve performance while you are playing is to use client-side shaders mods.

Here is our guide explaining about client-side mods and here the one explaining how to install them.

We recommend using the following two mentioned mods together on your Fabric client.


It provides better rendering techniques, optimizations for chunk loading, block rendering, vertex building, etc., and many graphical fixes as you can see on the official page mentioned above.


It should fully utilize your graphics card when paired with Sodium mod and it also provides shaders improvements as you can see on the official page mentioned above.

🗺️ Pre-Generating Your World 🗺️

Minecraft's world creation is a process based on complex calculations. A world is generated dynamically as you play, meaning that the entire world is not created when you start playing but generates more and more as you play.

A good way to reduce lag on your server is to a radius to the spawn area and then use a plugin or mod to pre-generate the chunks from that zone. This way, when players will explore that zone the game will just have to load the already existing chunks instead of generating them.

We have a guide here that explains how to pre-generate your world and gives examples of plugins and mods for pre-generating your world for nearly any Minecraft version.

World Pre Generator Mod

A great mod to use to pre-generate your world on a Fabric server is Chunk Pregenerator Fabric. This mod can be used on 1.15.2 or higher versions of Minecraft. Our guide for setting it up and using it can be found here.

Here is our guide for installing mods into your server.

🔩 Changing Dynmap 🔩

If you're using the Fabric version of the Dynmap mod make sure to set the resolution to vlowres or lowres inside the configuration.txt and also the render type to jpg instead of png.

Here is our guide explaining how to set up and use Dynmap.

🔌 Reducing the Server View-Distance 🔌

Here is our guide for changing the server view distance.

To do that you'll need to:

Login into your Multicraft Control Panel here.

Click on Files and click on Config Files.

Click on Server Settings.

Find View Distance and set it to something lower such as 5 or 6.

The View-Distance uses an equation to determine how many chunks the server-side will load for the players.

The equation for view distance is: (2x+1)²

For the default, of 10, should be: (2*10+1)² = 21²; 441.

Click on " Save " and restart your server.

📀 Upgrade Your Service 📀

Upgrading your service to a server with more RAM or switching to the premium plan may improve your performance. This is especially true on servers that have a lot of plugins or mods that use more RAM.

Here is our guide for upgrading your service.

Please note that you can always upgrade your service any time you want by only paying the difference in package price and not the full price again. Without any additional fees or taxes, upgrades take effect instantly. When you downgrade the extra sum will be automatically added to your account credit for future purchases with us.

🕸 Using Fewer Mods 🕸

If you're experiencing huge lag and can't get more RAM (⚔🔥POWER🔥⚔) for your server, you're able to think and re-check your mods list. It's suggested to remove additional not necessary mods that won't affect the server without them.

Remove them from your /mods directory using your FileZilla and restart your server.

Here is our guide for using FileZilla

Feel free to open a ticket in your client area or contact us on live chat if you need any assistance.

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Updated on: 08/26/2022

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