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'Mismatched mod channel list' Error Type

This guide will explain what is the Mismatched mod channel list error and how to solve it.

🚫 'Mismatched mod channel list' Error Type 🚫

This error can appear in your Minecraft client when you try to join your modded server.

The message means that there are differences between the server and the client mods or config folders.

Here is our guide for installing mods into your server and here to one for installing them into your client.

Also, please note that there is a category of mods called client-side mods, which needs to be set up only on your client, not on the server too. Some examples are OptiFine or any mini-map mod. Please be sure to not add any client-side mods to your server to prevent this type of error.

We have a guide explaining them here.

✔️ How to Solve ✔️

To solve this error and be able to connect to your server, you will have to replace the server mods and config folder with the local ones from your PC.

We suggest you start the process by backing up the world as our guide explains here just in case.

You will have to do the following steps:

Log in to your Multicraft panel here and stop your server.

Connect via FileZilla to your server and rename your mods and config folder to mods_old and config_old. This way you also have a backup for those folders.

Here is our guide for connecting via FileZilla to your server if needed.

Find your local mods and config folders, meaning the ones from your PC.

We have a guide here for finding your local modpacks file, like the mods and config folders.

Use FileZilla to upload to your server your local mods and config folders now that you renamed the old ones in step number 1.

Start your server.

Done. Now you should be able to join your server just fine.

If you find any issues solving this error please contact us via live chat or the ticket system.

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Updated on: 10/20/2021

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