We know that adding Mods to your Minecraft server can make playing with friends much more interactive and fun. With so many additional features we can find and countless types of Mods that exist make us take into account how a Minecraft Mod can fit into what we are looking for.

This article will help you with how you can install mods on your server.

NOTE: If you wish to install mods in your server, your server needs firstly to be running on Forge (So for this, we'll need to do a clean installation in your server).

🔌 Forge Installation 🔌

You can perform a clean installation by going to your Multicraft Panel. There you need to:

Stop your server.

Click on Files and select Setup.

Select the Forge template you want to use, tick the box for Delete All Server Files and type your Multicraft password, then click on Apply.

ATTENTION - This will delete all server files including backups. Make sure to use Filezilla to download your files before proceeding. Here is our guide for using Filezilla.

Go back, start your server and wait for the Template you selected to be installed. You will be able to see the progress logs in the Multicraft console.

Make sure not to tick the second box when doing the setup (Run setup on every server start). This will delete all your server files every time the server starts up.

NOTE: Here you can find our guide for doing a clean install.

Once the server is running on Forge, we can start the installation process.

🔩 Installing Mods 🔩

We can install Mods by uploading them using Filezilla to your server's /mods directory.

NOTE: Here is our guide for using Filezilla, please read it.

So that we can install mods in your server:

Stop your server - Remember to firstly do a clean installation! (Steps above)

In your Multicraft Panel click on Files and then on FTP File Access.

Use your FTP details and your Multicraft password to connect via Filezilla to your server.

You'll notice that a /mods folder was generated. Upload using Filezilla the mods to the server /mods folder.

Restart your server after you uploaded your mods.

Now you just installed your mods into your Forge server.

If you find any issue installing mods into your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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