What is RAM?

The RAM memory is the processing memory, the one that the CPU (processor) is using to fulfill all of your requests on the server such as placing blocks. All actions that the machine is doing are influenced by both the CPU and Memory.

NOTE: Please beware that the RAM memory is not the same as the storage one. The second one is the one that you use when you upload files to your server. For example, if you upload a 20GB world you occupy 20GB from the storage memory.
All the server performance is directly influenced by the RAM memory. Basically, more RAM memory means that your server will run better. Also, the RAM memory influences the performance of the server more than the CPU. For example, in most cases our 2GB RAM Standard server is offering a better performance than the 1GB RAM Premium which has a better CPU. Those plans can be found at the same price on our page, but the first one runs better for most people. Here you can see the difference between our Standard and Premium plans.

The question is how to determine the desired amount of RAM before purchasing a server, so you do not have performance issues while playing, like lag.

How much RAM do I need?

As you can see on our official page, our servers can be purchased on several plans but the main difference (besides the difference in player slots) is the RAM amount. Here is a list of all the plans we offer:

Stone: 1GB RAM and 12 slots
Coal: 2GB RAM and 24 slots
Iron: 3GB RAM and 36 slots
Gold: 4GB RAM and 48 slots
Lapis: 5GB RAM and 60 slots
Redstone: 6GB RAM and 72 slots
Diamond: 8GB RAM and 96 slots
Emerald: 12GB RAM and 144 slots

NOTE: Player Slots are the number of players that can be active at the same time on the server but this does not mean that a 1GB RAM server will be able to keep 12 players on the latest version of the game. The players slots number is also available for older versions of Minecraft like 1.8.8 which need less RAM to run.
The number of players, the server type and version as well as the number of plugins/ mods you run determines the amount of RAM you will need.

Another important factor when it comes to the RAM memory is the size of your world. As the world gets bigger, the server will require more RAM to process it so, as time passes and you explore more of your world, more RAM will be needed. Additionally, if you upload a big world to your server, this will also increase your RAM necessity for processing.

The recommended player numbers for each plan are the following:

Stone: Maximum 4 players
Coal: Maximum 8 players
Iron: Maximum 16 players
Gold: Maximum 20 players
Lapis: Maximum 24 players
Redstone: Maximum 40 players
Diamond: Maximum 80 players
Emerald: 120+ players

These recommendations are available even for the latest version (i.e. 1.15.2). As you go to older versions, the RAM amount required decreases. For example, on a 1.8.8 you can keep up to 8-12 players on the 1 GB RAM and some plugins/ mods (maximum 3-4), depending on the size of your world.


Another aspect that influences the RAM amount you will need is the number of plugins/ mods from the server. Here you will find the amount of plugin that is recommended for each plan:

NOTE: These recommendations depend on the mods and plugins, some are more demanding than others.
Stone: 0 plugins
Coal: Maximum 8 plugins
Iron: Maximum 24 plugins
Gold: Maximum 36 plugins
Lapis: Maximum 44 plugins
Redstone: Maximum 52 plugins
Diamond: 64+ plugins
Emerald: 72+ plugins

Stone: 0 mods
Coal: Maximum 8 mods
Iron: Maximum 24 mods
Gold: Maximum 36 mods
Lapis: Maximum 44 mods
Redstone: Maximum 52 mods
Diamond: 62+ mods
Emerald: 72+ mods

NOTE: In case you did not choose the right amount of RAM and you are experiencing a bad performance with your server, all you have to do is upgrade your plan. We offer the possibility to upgrade anytime paying just the remaining difference according to how many days passed from your Billing Cycle. So, if you upgrade you pay a fair price, not the entire Billing Cycle again.
Here is our guide for upgrading your server.


Please note that the majority of existing modpacks require at least 4GB RAM to run properly. Usually, modpacks are very demanding. Here is a guide including the Recommended amount of RAM for all the modpacks we provide:

A Bit Of Everything – 4GB RAM
Aftermath - 4GB RAM
ATXisuminati (discontinued) - 4GB RAM
Bevo's Tech Pack - 4GB RAM
Beyond Reality - 4GB RAM
Bytesize - 2GB RAM
Crainer Craft - 4GB RAM
Crundee Craft - 4GB RAM
DNS Techpack - 4GB RAM
Hermitcraft - 4GB RAM
Journey to the Core - 4GB RAM
Jurassic World - 4GB RAM
Natural Magic - 4GB RAM
Resonant Rise - 4GB RAM
Revenge of the C-Team - 4GB RAM
Revolution - 4GB RAM
Revolution 2/3 (discontinued) - 4GB RAM
Sky Factory - 4GB RAM
TechNodefirmacraft - 4GB RAM
The Crack Pack - 4GB RAM
The MadPack - 4GB RAM
TrollCraft - 4GB RAM
Yogscast - 4GB RAM

All The Mods 3 - 4GB RAM
All The Mods 4 - 4GB RAM
All The Mods 5 - 4GB RAM
Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles (DD&SS) - 6GB RAM
Enigmatica - 6GB RAM
Enigmatica 2 - 6GB RAM
Enigamtica 2 Expert - 6GB RAM
Enigmatica 4 - 6GB RAM
Farming Valley - 4GB RAM
Kinda CrazyCraft - 6GB RAM
Life in the village - 4GB RAM
MCEternal - 6GB RAM
Pokemon Adventure - 4GB RAM
Project Ozone 3 - 6GB RAM
Rebirth of the Night - 4GB RAM
RLCraft -6GB RAM
Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons - 4GB RAM
SkyFactory 4 - 4GB RAM
SevTech: Ages - 5GB RAM
Space Astronomy 2 -4GB RAM
StoneBlock - 5GB RAM
StoneBlock 2 - 5GB RAM
World of Dragons - 6GB RAM

Academy - 4GB RAM
Agrarian Skies - 4GB RAM
Beyond - 4GB RAM
Blood N Bones - 4GB RAM
Continuum - 4GB RAM
Direwolf20 - 4GB RAM
Horizons - 4GB RAM
Infinity Lite - 4GB RAM
Infinity - (Evolved) - 4GB RAM
Interactions - 4GB RAM
Lite 3 - 4GB RAM
Mindcrack - 4GB RAM
Modern Skyblock 3: Departed - 4GB RAM
Monster - 4GB RAM
Revelation - 4GB RAM
Sky Adventures - 4GB RAM
SkyFactory 3 - 4GB RAM
StoneBlock 2 - 4GB RAM
Tech World - 4GB RAM
Ultimate Reloaded - 4GB RAM
Unleashed - 2GB RAM

Attack of the B-Team -2GB RAM
Hexxit - 2GB RAM
Tekkit - 2GB RAM
Tekxit 3 - 3GB RAM
Tekkit Classic - 2GB RAM
Tekkit Legends - 2GB RAM
TPPI (Test Pack Please Ignore) - 2GB RAM

Pixelmon Generations - 2GB RAM
Pixelmon Reforged - 2GB RAM

CrazyCraft 2.2 - 4GB RAM
CrazyCraft 3.0 - 4GB RAM
CrazyCraft 4.0 - 4GB RAM
Crusader Craft - 4GB RAM
Jurassic Craft 2 - 4GB RAM
Poképack - 4GB RAM
Dream Craft 2 - 4GB RAM
Voids Wrath - 4GB RAM
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