Customization is one of the best things about Minecraft, there are lots of gamemodes and minigames to play, it’s just full of fun! How is this possible? Plugins! We’ll show you how to add plugins to your new server!

Here you can find our guide for recommended Bukkit/ Spigot/ Paper plugin.

🌲 Introduction 🌲

❗❗❗ NOTE ❗❗❗
First, you have to be sure that your server is running on Spigot, CraftBukkit or PaperSpigot! Remember that single vanilla can't run plugins.

To change the server type just log in in your server's control panel that at Multicraft.

Your Multicraft Credentials were emailed you shortly after purchase, so search for an email titled "Your Minecraft Server Details".

You can also read our Change your server version article that will help you on switching your server type as well.

🔩 Installing Plugins (Using plugin list) 🔩

The easiest way to install plugins on your server is using the Plugin List.

Please close your server

Go to Files - Plugin List

Select the plugin you want

Click on Install

Start your server

🔌 Installing Plugins (Using external websites) 🔌

You can also download plugins from some websites such Bukkit or Spigot and then upload the plugins using your FTP File Access to your server's /plugins directory.

💭 If you don't know what is FTP File Access or how to use it, please read our How to: Access Your Minecraft Server Files Via FTP article.

So let's install them! 🙂
So this section will help you on how you can install plugins. You just need to:

Log in in your Multicraft

Stop your server

Open your FTP File Access clicking on Files and then on FTP File Access

Using your Multicraft Password, type it in the box and click on Login

You'll notice that a /plugins folder was generated in your server's files.

You need just to click on it to open the folder.

On the bottom of the page, you will notice a button with an arrow pointing up. Click on it and then click on "Upload a File".

Click on "Upload File"

Your computer will start to upload the plugins that you have selected.
Once the upload is complete just back to your control panel and start the server.

Click on "Back to Control Panel"

Start your server

Done! Now your server will load the plugins you have uploaded!
Remember to always upload plugins that correspond to your currently server version!

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any further assistance.

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