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How to Set Up and Use TEBEX - Buycraft Plugin

Tebex (formerly known as Buycraft) is an online platform where you can create and administer a webstore for your server.
We did this article to help, explain and assist users in the basic installation.

๐Ÿ›’ Setting Up Your Account

Firstly open your browser and go to to register on buycraft/tebex website.

Once you're registered you'll need to select the game type.

For Minecraft Java servers we have two options.
Minecraft Offline (For Minecraft Cracked servers (Running in Offline Mode)
Minecraft Java Edition (For Minecraft premium servers)

Click to continue.

Give your webstore a name and set a link to access it.

Select the option "Game Server"

๐Ÿ›’ Setting Up the BuycraftX Plugin

Click on the option to download the plugin that corresponds to your server type and/or version.
Install BuycraftX Plugin on your server.

โ“ If you don't know how to install a Plugin on your server we suggest you read our How To: Install Plugins on your server article.

Once the plugin is in your server, click to copy the code.

Open your server console and paste the code.

-> Your server will automatically connect to your TEBEX webstore.

Done! your server's webstore is now ready to be pushed!

๐Ÿ›’ Setting Up a Simple Package

Setting up a package for your server is simple.
They work on console commands.
This means that if they buy/donate something in your webstore, buycraft will automatically execute commands on the console.
To create a package for your webstore you need to:

Click on Webstore and then click on " Packages ".

Click to create a new package.
You can name the package, set a description to it, set a price, upload images...
Whatever you wish to make your package looks good!

Select the Server.

Add and Setup commands to be executed in your console when someone purchases the package.

In the example above we set to Buycraft execute a command to set the specified player on group "Warrior" using LuckPerms Permission Plugin.
You can use {uuid} to be executed on the player's UUID or use {name} to be executed on the specified player's nickname

Click on " Create "

Tebex's Knowledgebase
Package Commands Help

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any assistance.

Updated on: 08/27/2022

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