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How to Set Up and Use EssentialsX

The famous Essentials plugin was discontinued in 2014, for this reason, some developers started to continue the great plugin, leaving the plugin updated and more functional. EssentialsX is an example of this continuation.

This simple lightweight plugin introduces a lot of features that will help you with your server. For this reason, GGServers highly recommend users use this plugin.

This article will try to help you with the installation and basic features of the plugin.

We HIGHLY recommend you, reader, to use Notepad + + to edit any files from your FTP. By using Notepad ++ you can keep the format and spacing landing to not break the file when editing.

⚠ Important Notes ⚠

Important note: EssentialsX can run only on CraftBukkit, Spigot, or Paper as it is a plugin.

EssentialsX has some extra modules that you have to install separately if you want those functions: EssentialsX Chat, EssentialsX Spawn, EssentialsX AntiBuild, EssentialsX Discord, EssentialsX Geo, EssentialsX Protect, and EssentialsX XMPP. You can find them here.

We recommend you set up EssentialsX on any server as it is a default plugin that provides a lot of useful functions.

🛠️ Installing the Plugin 🛠️

You can set up the EssentialsX plugin manually or using our Multicraft auto-installer.

💠 Manual Installation

To install the plugin manually you need to:

Download the latest EssentialsX build from here and also any other addition you want (EssentialsChat, EssentialsXMMP, etc).

Use FileZilla to upload the plugin (and any addition you want) to your server plugins folder.

Here is our guide for using FileZilla.

Start your server.

You just set up the EssentialsX plugin manually.

💠 Automatic Installation via Multicraft

Log in to your Multicraft here and stop your server.

Select Installers and then Plugin Installer.

Type essentialsx on the search bar and click on EssnetialsX.

Click on Install and then start your server.

We highly recommend you to also install the Vault plugin and a permissions plugins such as LuckPerms to be able to fully use EssentialsX. Here is our guide for setting up and using LuckPerms.

📜 Summary of Functions 📜

⚈ Economy Functions
⚈ Warps
⚈ Kits
⚈ Enchantments
⚈ Spawners
⚈ Protection
⚈ Warp/Kits/Enchant signs and more!
⚈ Buy & Sell signs
⚈ Homes
⚈ Spawn
⚈ Chat formatting
⚈ MOTD configurations
⚈ Much more!

You can find every EssentialsX command and function here.

💬 Permissions 💬

Each command that EssentialsX is providing has a permission node assigned. Here you can find all permissions nodes for the EssentialsX plugin.

We have a guide here explaining what a permission node is.

⚗️ EssentialsChat Color Codes ⚗️

You can also use color codes to make your chat better.

Please note that you need to also add the EssentialsX Chat addition to use this function.

🛑 Sign Control 🛑

To enable signs, remove the # symbol from each line that you'd like to active the sign. You can find it inside EssentialsX's config.yml file.

You can find all instructions for using signs here too on the official documentation for EssentilsX.

To disable all signs, comment/ remove each sign. Inside EssentialsX config file you'll see the following lines:

  #- color
  #- balance
  #- buy
  #- sell
  #- trade
  #- free
  #- disposal
  #- warp
  #- kit
  #- mail
  #- enchant
  #- gamemode
  #- heal
  #- info
  #- spawnmob
  #- repair
  #- time
  #- weather

You just need to remove # from EssentialsX's signs you'd like to be activated.


  #- color
  #- balance
  - buy
  - sell
  #- trade

In the example above, only buy and sell signs will be enabled.

Please note that you must restart your server or reload the plugin with /essentials reload to get changes consolidated.

In the example above we activated both signs, Buy and Sell. Inside the Sign, the values that we must type to do it are:

[Buy] or [Sell]

This applies for buy and sell signs. To see for all signs PLEASE check on here -> EssentialsX Sign Formatting.

⚙️ Setting Up Kits ⚙️

Creating Kits is very easy with EssentialsX. You can simply create a kit by using your stuff in your inventory.

Imagine that you're an Admin of some server that you'd like to create a new kit for your players called AwesomeKit.

There are two ways to set it up:

Setting it up in-game, which is the simplest way.

Setting it up by editing the EssentialsX's config file inside your server files.

💠 Setting Up Kits In-Game

Firstly, you will need to clear your inventory.

Then use your inventory as a chest to store which elements you'd like your AwesomeKit to have. Imagine that you've chosen the following items:

Once everything that you'd like in your AwesomeKit is in your inventory, you can use the command:

/createkit <name> <cooldown>.

By doing this, EssentialsX will read your inventory and will create your wished kit based on which items you left in your inventory. To delete some Kit use the command:

/delkit <name>.

💠 Kits for New Players


If you are using the EssentialsX Spawn, you can a spawn point or a welcome message. Then, you can also give new players a kit. This can be used to give a kit (or kits) to get the player started, or could be used to give special items such as a book of server rules.

Inside EssentialsX config you just need to set wished kit in the newbies option under kits section.


  kit: tools

💠 Important Notes Regarding Kits

The following notes are talking about Permissions Nodes, so you will have to also set up a permission plugin like LuckPerms before.

⚈ For players to be able to use kit commands, they need to have the permission essentials.kit in their groups. This will allow users to access /kit command.

⚈ To allow players to get some kit, you must specify this, using permissions nodes, which Kits the players/ groups will have access by using/ adding the permission essentials.kits.<kitname>. If you notice the example above, we created a kit called AwesomeKit, so if we would like to make someone able to get that kit, you'll just need to add the permission node essentials.kits.AwesomeKit to the wished groups/players using your current permission plugin.

⚈ The permission essentials.kit is required for /kit command but it is not required for kit signs.

🏠 Setting Up Multiple Homes 🏠

You can use EssentialsX and a Permission plugin like LuckPerms to give players one or more homes.

We have a guide here explaining how to set up multiple homes via EssentialsX, please read it for instructions.

If you find any issues setting up and using EssentialsX please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 07/07/2022

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