This article will help you understand better what is a permissions node and how to use it.

In general, most of the Minecraft servers have a ranking system, meaning ranks for each player. Also, each rank has usually access to just specific permissions/ commands on the server.

The default game does not provide an option for including ranks, providing only the OP and not OP option for players, where the OP rank has access to all permissions. To get a ranking system on your server you will need a permissions plugin or mod, depending on your server type.

We have a guide here explaining how to set up permissions on your server depending on the server type you use!

❓ What Is a Permission Node ❓

When you set up ranks on your server you will need to specify for each rank the permissions/ commands it has access to. To do so you will use permission nodes. Any command or action (as many times as it is not a default action granted for all players) from your server has a permission node assigned and you will have to use its permission node to add it to a rank.

For example, the permission node for the /difficulty command is minecraft.command.difficulty.

🌲 How Do I Find Permission Nodes 🌲

Here you can find all permission nodes for the vanilla commands.

For commands and actions added by plugins and mods, you need to search on the official page for the permission nodes. If the creator does not provide them then it is not possible to set up ranks using those.

For example, the EssentialsX command has all permissions nodes on the official page here.

So for any plugin or mod just search on the official page for the permission nodes.

🔒 How Do I Use Permission Nodes 🔒

To use permission nodes you will have to set up first a permission plugin or mod depending on the server type you are using.

For plugins servers, we suggest you use LuckPerms.

Here is our guide for using LuckPerms.

For modded servers setting up permission can be tough as there are not many mods for setting up those.

We suggest you consult our guide for setting up permissions on your server if you have a modded server which can be found here.

Also, setting up the permissions on your server can be one of the most daunting tasks. We have a special addon called the permission addon and if you purchase it we will set up the permissions on your server as you instruct.

Here you can find more info about this addon.

If you have any questions or issues you can contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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