LuckPerms is a lightweight permissions plugin. GGServers adopted this plugin because of its great features and simple configuration.

Important note: LuckPerms can run on CraftBukkit, Spigot, PaperSpigot, Sponge, NukkitX and many other server types. You can download LuckPerms here.

Remember that you must have OP for this: How to: OP Yourself on Your Minecraft Server.

Install a Plugin

Make sure that you upload the right version of your plugin that matches the version of Minecraft you're using. For example, if you are using 1.14, use the version of a plugin that works with 1.14.

Log in in your Multicraft
Stop your server
Open your FTP File Access clicking on Files and then on FTP File Access

Using your Multicraft Password, type it in the box and click on Login

You'll notice that a /plugins folder was generated in your server's files.

You need just to click on it to open the folder.

On the bottom of the page, you will notice a button with an arrow pointing up. Click on it and then click on "Upload a File".

Click on "Upload File"

Your computer will start to upload the plugins that you have selected.
Once the upload is complete just back to your control panel and start the server.

Click on "Back to Control Panel"
Start your server

Done! Now your server will load the plugins you have uploaded!
Remember to always upload plugins that correspond to your currently server version!

For more information we recommend you consult the official LuckPerms wiki here:

Using LuckPerms

Creating and deleting a Group

Create a Group
To create a group with LuckPerms type:
/lp creategroup <group>

Delete a Group
To delete a group with LuckPerms type:
/lp deletegroup <group>

List all Groups
To list all groups with LuckPerms type:
/lp listgroups

Setting permissions for Groups and Users


Add permissions to a group: /lp group <group> permission set <permission>

To remove permissions from a group: /lp group <group> permission unset <permission>


Add a permission to a user: /lp user <user> permission set <permission>

Remove a permission from a user: /lp user <user> permission unset <permission>

Setting up Users

Set a user to a group: /lp user <user> parent set <group>

Remove a user from a group: /lp user <user> parent remove <group>

View a user's info: /lp user <user> info

Setting up Groups

To set a subgroup to a group, use: /lp group <group> parent set <group>

Example: /lp group warrior parents set default (by doing this, the group "warrior" will have all the default group's permissions)

View a group's info: /lp group <group> info

Set a group's weight: /lp group <group> setweight <weight>

List all group permissions: /lp group <group> permission list (page)

View group members: /lp group <group> listmembers (page)

Set group prefix: /lp group <group> meta setprefix <prefix>

Example: /lp group warrior meta setprefix &a[Warrior]&f (by doing this, the group "warrior" will have [Warrior] as a prefix in chat.)

You must use a chat plugin such as EssentialsChat, ChatControl or UltimateChat 2 to show prefixes in chat.

WebEditor - The Best Way to Edit Permissions

The Web Editor is the best way to edit your LuckPerm's permissions. To create an editor session for all groups and any online users, run: /lp editor

{Old WebEditor]

* Once you've finished making changes to the data, you need to save your changes on the server. Click on the "Save" button, or use the CTRL + S keyboard shortcut to save. The editor will generate a command which you need to run in-game or in the console for your changes to apply. Simply clicking on the command will copy it to your clipboard.
When you run the command, a summary of the changes will be shown.

Source: LuckPerms WebEditor Guide
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