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How To Use PermissionsEx

PermissionsEx is no longer supported. Please use LuckPerms.

If you are thinking about opening a community server where it’s not really about just connecting and playing vanilla with your friends, PEX is a must have when it comes to plugins. It simply brings groups to your server!

PEX works on the general principle that permission to run a command is not allowed unless the permission node is specifically listed.


EssentialsX, Vault
Compatible Spigot Version

Make sure you have those plugins installed on your server, if not, install them using our tutorial and restart your server.

For chat to be working, you need the EssentialsChat plugin as well.

Firstly, let’s create the Owner group by typing some commands into your Multicraft Console:

To create the Owner group just type:

pex group Owner create

Now let’s give the Owner group permission to do anything.

pex group Owner add *

Once finished, let’s give ourselves the Owner rank.

pex user *yourname* group set Owner

Let’s have a look at the chat

It doesn’t look like we were given the Owner group, right? That’s because the group doesn’t have a prefix yet. We’ll add one right now by using the following command:

pex group Owner prefix "&cOwner &7"

Chat Format used in Essentials config file:

format: '{DISPLAYNAME} &8▪ &f{MESSAGE}'

Default Group

Now let’s make a group called Guest that it’s given to every new player that joins the server.

pex group Guest create

Let’s give the Guest group the permission to set a home a teleport to it.

pex group Guest add essentials.sethome

pex group Guest add essentials.home

Now, let’s make it the default group for new players.

pex set default group Guest true

Finally, let’s give it a prefix.

pex group Guest prefix "&2Guest &7"

To remove a permission node from a group, just use:

pex group remove

Let’s say you want to remove the /home permission for the group Guest.

pex group Guest remove essentials.home

Parent Groups

Groups can inherit permissions from specified parent groups. This is useful when you want every single group to have a default set of permissions like the ones that come with the Guest group.

We can specify a parent group by using the following command:

pex group Admin parents set Guest

This will give the Admin group the permissions we specified for Guest.

PermissionsEx Wiki

Essentials Permission Nodes

Updated on: 08/26/2022

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