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How To: Edit Mod configuration files

With the ever-growing community of Minecraft Servers, the number of Mods and Modpacks available on the Internet is increasingly growing, including new versions and features that a Mod can offer.
These new settings (features), which are available in some new edit mods, are available on servers in configuration files within your FTP in the "config" folder.
This article seeks to clarify the possibility and try to explain to you how this Mod setting should be changed.

Before you begin, you must first know what FTP is and how to access it.

If you don't know what is FTP File Access or how to use it, we strongly recommend you to firstly read our " How to: Access Your Minecraft Server Files Via FTP " article.

To start an explanatory article like this, let's take a simple example.
Editing a Mod configuration:


The following steps can be used for any Mod that allows the user to change the default settings. Just select and edit the correct file of a particular Mod!

Let's take as a simple example, to be easy to understand. 👍
In the following example, we use one of the best known ModPacks today, ModPack " Pixelmon Generations ".

(Remember! This can be used for any Mod, but caution and caution is required when editing the file!)

Let's say that you're looking to change the Pixelmon's spawn rate.
In order to do that you should firstly stop your server.
Then follow these steps:

Stop your Server
Click on " Files " and then on " FTP File Access ". (It's where you can access your all server files)

Use your Multicraft credentials to login.

Open your " config " folder.

Select your wished Mod file to be edited, right-click and then click on " Edit ".
(NOTE: This must vary depending on which Mod file you're looking to edit)

In this example we're looking to edit Pixelmon's configuration file, so we must edit the " pixelmon.hocon " file.

As we are looking to edit the Spawn Rate, we must find the spawn rate option and edit it with our wished configuration.

Once found, we need to edit exactly as what the default configuration is!

What does that mean?

- Since it is a configuration file, it is very unstable! We must follow format "rules" in the file so that nothing bad happens the moment the server powers up.
Let's look at an example below:
- As we wanted to edit SpawnRate to " 2 ", we should use the following edit:

If the default file uses:

When editing, we must use:


Example of common errors: 

❌    spawnRate= 2,
❌    spawnRate= ;2
❌   spawnRate= 02:
✅    spawnRate=2


As you can see, as minimum is the error, some space forgot or some additional accidentally character used by mistake can crash the whole server, so make sure to edit the configuration file correct! 😀

Click on " Save ".
Back to your server control panel (Multicraft) and Start your server.

In a few words, as you can see, changing your server settings is easy and simple! = D
Just be careful when editing the files correctly!
Whenever you need help, you can always find out more about a Mod's settings on the same page where you can download it.

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need further assistance.

Updated on: 08/04/2021

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