This guide will help you on how you can install Fabric in your Minecraft Server.

📜 What is Fabric?

Fabric is a Custom Jar File modded-friendly that usually helps some Modpacks in their performance as well as dependency for specified mods.

📜 Downloading Fabric Server Files

To install Fabric in your server is very simple.
Firstly go to the Official Fabric's website on here and download the Server Jar File.
You can also access the download link page using the following link:

Select the option for " Server " and click to download the Installer Jar file.

Once downloaded create a folder in your Desktop called " /jar ".

Execute the Fabric Installer jar file you just downloaded.
Select the option for " Server ".
Select your wished version.
Click to browse a location to save the files and select the " jar " folder you just created.

After doing that, Fabric will start downloading files. It will also put them into the folder you selected.
If it shows the following message:

No worries, just click to download the Minecraft Server.
You'll notice that a download progress message will show up.
Once finished, click on " Done ".

📜 Installing Fabric in your Server

Back to your Multicraft Panel and stop your server.

Access your server FTP File access.
💭 You can read more FTP File Access with the following link:

Open your server's /jar directory and delete everything that is inside it.
Open your Jar folder you created and rename the "fabric-server-launch" file to "custom", so it should be a "custom.jar" file.

💭 The "fabric-server-launch.jar" must be inside the server's /jar directory. And the "server.jar" in the main directory. (Outside the jar folder)

Differently from a modpack installation, you must upload the "server.jar" file to the main FTP directory. And once "fabric-server-launch.jar" file is inside your server /jar directory, you can back to your server and change the server type to "custom". (Make sure to also rename the "fabric-server-launch.jar" to "custom.jar".

Set it to "Custom"
Click on Save.
Start your server.

- > Remember that it is highly recommended to generate a new world afterwards!

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need help.

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