The famous Essentials plugin was discontinued in 2014, for this reason some developers started to continue the great plugin, leaving the plugin updated and more functional.
EssentialsX is an example of this continuation.
This simple lightweight plugin introduce a lot of features that will help you in your server. For this reason, GGServers hightly recommend users to use this plugin.
This article will try to help you in the installation and basic features of the plugin.

⚗️ Installing the plugin

To install EssentialsX plugins, we suggest users to access Jenkins Website to download the files.
You can access the Official EssentialsX Jenkins here:

Once is downloaded you need just to upload the plugin files using your FTP File Access. For this reason we suggest users to read our How To: Install Plugins on your server article first of all.

To get this plugin to work you need to use Vault plugin and some permissions plugins such PermissionsEx or LuckPerms.

⚗️ Summary of functions

✔ Economy Functions
✔ Warps
✔ Kits
✔ Enchantments
✔ Spawners
✔ Protection
✔ Warp/Kits/Enchant signs and more!
✔ Buy & Sell signs
✔ Homes
✔ Spawn
✔ Chat formatting
✔ MOTD configurations
✔ Much more!

You can find every EssentialsX commands and functions here:

EssentialsChat Color Codes:
You can also use color codes to let your chat wonderful! 😄

⚗️ Permissions

You can find everything related to EssentialsX permissions here:
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