Datapacks are ZIP files that can customize your Minecraft experience. They can be used to add/remove/change advancements, functions, loots, predicates‌, structures, recipes, tags and etc without any code modification such Mods.

For this, you'll need to understand how to access your server Control Panel.
If you don't know how to access your currently Server's control panel or how to find it, please read our Getting Started! - Accessing your Server Control Panel article.

🟢 Datapacks have been implemented on Minecraft recently, so it only works on Minecraft 1.13.x +.
-> Make sure to check if your wished datapack works on newest Minecraft Versions!

🧰 Installing a Datapack

Installing a Datapack is a very simply task.
If you are familiar on how to install Plugins or Mods, for sure that you'll get it fast!
As the same way, you must download a file and then you will just need to upload the file to your server' FTP.

To install a Datapack in your server just follow the following steps:

Stop your Server.
Click on " Files " and then on " FTP File Access ".

Type your Multicraft Password on the box and then click to login.

Open your currently main " world " folder.

This folder might not be called exactly " **world** "! The world folder name will be the same name that is in your main Multicraft page.

Click to open the specified " datapacks " folder.

On bottom left, click to upload your Datapack file and click to back to your Control Panel.

A Datapack is a ZIP file! Make sure to do not extract it! Leave the ZIP file itself in your currently world's datapacks folder!

Go back to your Multicraft Control Panel and Start/Restart your server.

Done! Now your server will execute/run your wished Datapack!
If you have any questions let us know! ^-^

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area f you need further assistance.

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