Have you ever been kicked out from your server for the reason "Flying is not enabled on this server"? Even if you are not flying?
No worries with that.
This is a default Minecraft Server configuration that can be changed in your control panel. Basely it was a way to prevent non authorized users from flying.
Sometimes it can kick unwanted players for reasons such lag and spikes.

If you are not flying but you still getting kicked because of it, no worries. This is normal and it happens with all servers sometimes :)
To disable it you just need to go to your server Control Panel (Multicraft), open your server settings and enable the option to Allow Flight.

If you don't know what is Multicraft or how to access it, we suggest you to firstly read our " Getting Started! - Accessing your Server Control Panel " article.

Once you are logged into your server Control Panel (Multicraft), just check the following steps:

Log into your Control Panel
Stop your Server. (Very important)
Go to " Files ".
Click on " Config Files".

Click on " Server Settings ".

Usually the first option in your Config Files list.

Find the option " Allow Flying " and set it to " Enabled ".

Note that the line position can vary depending your server type.

Scroll down, click on Save (to save changes) and back to your main server Control Panel page.
Start your Server.

Done! By doing this your server wont check for flying players anymore, preventing it from kicking player for the reason " Flying is not enabled on this server ".

Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need.
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