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How to Upload a World to Your Server

This guide will show you how to upload a Minecraft world to your server.

NOTE: You need to upload a world that was generated with the same version of Minecraft as your server is running, otherwise it will not work properly.

❓ How to Find Your Actual World Name ❓

For Java servers, the world folder can be found in the root directory of the server, the one that contains all the other files or folders.

NOTE: The default world folder name is world.

To find your actual world name please do the following:

Log in to your Multicraft panel here.

Note the content of the box titled World because that is your world folder name.

🗺️ How to Upload Your World 🗺️

To upload your world to your server you will have to use Filezilla.

NOTE: We suggest starting this process by downloading your old world to have a copy of it if needed! Please use this guide to download your world into your PC.

Here is our guide for using Filezilla.

To upload your world please do the following:

Prepare the new world folder you want to upload and please be sure it is not named the same as your old/ actual world folder name. You will have to note the name of the new world folder.

Use Filezilla to upload the new world folder to your server, meaning inside the root directory of the server.

Find the World section in your main Multicraft page, then select the new world folder you just added in the drop-down list, then click on Save.

Restart your server.

Now you just uploaded your custom world to your server.

🔄 How to Change Between Existing Worlds 🔄

To change back to your old world you need to:

Log in to your Multicraft here and stop your server.

Find the World section in your main Multicraft page, click on the drop-down menu, select your old world and then click on Save.

Start your server!

Now you just changed back to your old world.

We also have a guide for renaming your current world here!

If you find any issues uploading your custom world to your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

❕ Useful Links ❕

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Updated on: 08/06/2021

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