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How to fix "Flying Is Not Enabled On This Server"

Have you ever been kicked out from your server for the reason Flying is not enabled on this server ? Even if you are not flying? No worries about that.

You just need to enable flying on your server.

This is a default Minecraft Server configuration that can be changed in your control panel. Basely it was a way to prevent non-authorized users from flying. Sometimes it can kick unwanted players for reasons such as lag and spikes.

✈️ How to Enable Flying In Your Server ✈️

In order to enable flying on your server please do the following:

Log into your Multicraft here and stop your server.

Click on Files, then on Config Files.

Click on Server Settings.

Find the option Allow Flying, set it to Enabled, and click on Save.

Note that the line position of the `Allow Flying` box can vary depending on your server type.

Start your server.

You just enabled flying into your server.

If you find any issues enabling flying into your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 10/28/2023

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