This guide will help you on how you can create and set a secondary multicraft account.

If you want to give your Multicraft Access to your friend and you don’t want to give your credentials, you can simple create a new secondary account.

First you need to have a new registration.

In your Multicraft Panel, before login, there is option to register a new user. Just click on “Register here“. (If you wish, you can also use this link:
Follow all steps. (Username, Password, Confirm Password, Email and Verification Code)
Click on “Register”

Once you have a new registration, you need to give your Multicraft Server access to this User.

Login in your Multicraft. (with your primary account)
Go to “Advanced”.
Click on “Users”.
Type your friend’s username.

Remember that after typping the username, you need to press “Enter” on your keyboard.
There will show your friend’s account configuration access, and you can set for whatever you want.

Just set the FTP access to “Full Access” and set the Role to “Co-owner” as well.

Now your friend have his/her own account in your Multicraft Panel.

Feel free to open a Ticket in your Client Area if you need any future assistance.
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