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How To Give Multicraft Access to a Friend (Sub Account)

This guide will help you on how you can create and set a secondary Multicraft account with access to your server.

If you want to give Multicraft Access to the server for any of your friends and you don’t want to give your credentials, you can simply create a new secondary account.

🌲 Creating a New Account 🌲

First, you need to have a new registration:

In your Multicraft Panel, before login, there is an option to register a new user. Just click on Register Here. Here you can find the registration page.

Follow all steps. (Username, Password, Confirm Password, Email and Verification Code)

Click on Register.

Now you just created a secondary Multicraft account.

🔒 Giving Permissions to Your Other Account 🔒

Once you have a new account, you need to give Multicraft server access to this user.

Login in your Multicraft here. (with your primary account)

Go to Advanced and click on Users.

Type your friend’s username and give him permissions according to your wish.

Remember that after typing the username, you need to press “Enter” on your keyboard. There will show your friend’s account configuration access, and you can set it for whatever you want.

Set the FTP access to “Full Access” and set the Role to “Co-owner” as well.

Now your friend has an account on your Multicraft Panel.
If you want him to be only able to see the server console, set the role to "Moderator" instead.

If you find any issues giving Multicraft server access to any of your friends, please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 10/22/2022

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