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Getting Started! - How to Access and Use Your Multicraft Panel

Have you purchased your Minecraft server at GGServers !?
So we're ready to go!

First, GGServers offers full access to your Server Control Panel, where users can manage everything that happens on the server.
Using your own world, using Plugins, using Mods, modifying your server's configuration files, and turning on / off the server any time you wish are some of the functions the panel can provide.

This article will show the first tips for using the Multicraft panel to manage your server.

💠 Where Can I Find My Multicraft Panel

Once purchased, you will notice that a new product is active in your product list, located in your Client Area.

In order to access the Multicraft panel for you new product please do the following:

Click on it.

Note: If your service is listed as "Pending", please open a ticket in your Client Area and we'll get you as soon as possible!

Now you'll notice that you have a blue text called "Go To Multicraft" that is where you can access your server Control Panel.

Now you need to find the Multicraft Credentials!

You check your emails for one titled "Your Minecraft Server Details".
This will contain your login credentials for the server control panel as well as the connection info.

Seeing "Your existing panel password"? Simply Reset your Multicraft Password

Click in your Customer's profile button.

Click on to view Email History.

NOTE: If you wish you can also check your email notes here.

Click on the first option "Your Minecraft Server Details" and you'll see your server informations and the Multicraft (Control Panel) credentials as well.

Now open your Server Control Panel at and log in using the credentials.

You have now access to your whole control panel.

💠 How Do I See The Multicraft Console?

The Multicraft console contains all server logs and it is the first place to search for errors if you have issues with your server.

We have a guide for troubleshooting errors here, take a look if you do not know why your server is not starting.

You can use the Multicraft console by logging into Multicraft here, then clicking on Console on the left-hand side of the server page.

Here you can see a list of all basic commands that you can run on a server.

💠 Broadcast a Message to All Players Through Multicraft? (Chat Function)

You can broadcast a message to all players that are currently logged onto your server by logging into Multicraft here, clicking on your server, then clicking on Chat. Here you can type messages and, by clicking send, this will broadcast that message.

💠 Restart Your Server

You can restart your server by logging into Multicraft here, clicking on your server, and clicking Restart near the top of the page.

💠 Find the Server Type You are Currently Running

You can see the server type you are running by logging into your Multicraft here, clicking on your server, and finding the box titled Server Type.

We have a guide here for changing your server type and version.

💠 Change Server Name

You can change your server’s name by logging into Multicraft here, clicking on your server, and entering your desired server name under the Name field. Finally, click Save at the bottom of the screen.

💠 Find the IP Address and the Subdomain

You can see your server’s IP address by logging into Multicraft here and then clicking on your server. Your IP address will be listed under the IP field.

Please note that to connect to your server via the Minecraft client, you will need to input the IP address followed by a colon : and your port number (which can be found below the IP field). Alternatively, you can click on ‘Status Banner’ to view the full IP address you will need to enter.

💠 How Do I Change or Create a New World

*You can change your world by logging into Multicraft here, clicking on your server, and then click on the World field and select the desired world from the list. After doing so you will have to restart the server. That list will contain all world folder found in your root directory of the server.

As for generating a new world, we have a guide here that explains how you can do so.

If you have any issues using the Multicraft panel to manage your server we please you to contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 05/16/2023

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