With time, we all get bored of the current world that we play in. We just feel that craving for the fresh feel of minecraft.

Resetting the map is an easy operation and we’ll show you step by step!

To begin with, make sure the server is stopped so there won’t be any problems.

Log in in your Multicraft.
(The Multicraft credentials was sent shortly to your email after purchased - Check an email titled "Your Minecraft Server Details)
Stop your server.
Click on the blue button nammed "Create New" in your "Custom World" line.

A box will show up. Read all message to be aware of and click on "OK"

Complete all boxes with your wished info.

Click on Create.
Start your server.

Now Multicraft will generate a new world for you with your wished information!

Feel free to open a ticket in your client area if you need any further assistance.
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