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How to Reset Your Multicraft Password

The Multicraft panel is the custom control panel for Minecraft that GGServers offers. Each of our clients is provided via mail with their credentials for the Multicraft panel right after the purchase.

If, by any chance, you forgot your Multicraft panel password, then no worries! This guide will walk you through the process of resetting it.

NOTE ⚠: When purchasing a server with us, two different accounts are created in the process. The billing/GGServers account is the one where you can manage the billing side of your services, your personal information, and your support tickets, and the Multicraft account is the one for managing your Minecraft server. To reset your Multicraft password, you will need access to your billing account.

🔒 How to Reset Your Multicraft Password 🔒

To change your Multicraft password, follow the next steps:

Log in to your billing account here.

Click on Services, then on My Services.

My Services

Click on the service that is assigned to the Multicraft account in question.


Under Actions, click on Change Password.

Change Password

Type your new password, confirm it, and click Save Changes.


NOTE ⚠: If you want a randomly generated password, you can click the Generate Password button, select the length, and one will be made for you that you can copy and use.

Generate Password

Now you've just changed your Multicraft password! You can go here and log in.

If you have issues resetting your Multicraft passwords, please contact us via live chat or the ticket system.

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Updated on: 08/30/2023

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