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How to Set Up and Use a World Border

This article will help you with how you can configure your world border. Firstly, there are two plugins that you can get. One for versions up to 1.14.4 which you can download here.

And one for versions newer than 1.14.4 which you can download here.

Please note that to be able to use commands on your server you need to first OP yourself as our guide tells here.

⭐ World Border Pre Generation Example and Recommendation ⭐

World Border can be used to pre-generate your world which will help you get rid of any lag caused by generating new chunks. We highly recommend that you do this as it really improves the overall experience on your server. These are the commands that you need to run in order to pre-generate your world using World Border:

/wb set <radius> - This will create a border with the radius that you specified centered on exactly where you're standing.
/wb shape <square/round> - This will define the shape of the border.
/wb fill - This will tell the plugin to start the pre-generation task.
/wb fill confirm - This will confirm that you want the task to start.
/wb fill pause - This command will pause your current pre-generation task. I recommend doing this if you are playing on the server as pre-generating chunks can create lag. You can restart the task using the /wb fill command once there are no players on the server (usually during the night)
/wb fill cancel - This command will cancel your pre-generation task. The chunks that were pre-generated will remain the same.

Here are a few pre-generation examples:

/wb set 3000
/wb shape square
/wb fill
/wb fill confirm

This will generate a 6000x6000 block square area. When you are beginning, this should be more than enough but if you want more, you can change the radius to anything that you wish.

/wb set 2500
/wb shape round
/wb fill
/wb fill confirm

This will pre-generate a circle with a diameter of 5000 blocks.

NOTE: The time that it takes the plugin to pre-generate the world exponentially grows depending on the radius you chose. For example, if a radius of 1000 takes one hour to complete, a radius of 2000 might take 4 hours. (Time is an example here, we can't really pinpoint how much it will take)

Here are our recommendations for pre-generating depending on your player base:

Up to 10 Players: 3000 Blocks Radius
10-30 Players: 5000 Blocks Radius
30-100 Players: 8000 Blocks Radius

The Radius can always be changed and you can then re-run the pre-generation commands. For example, if your border was initially set to have a 2500 blocks radius and you have already pre-generated it, you can set it to a higher value like 4000 and run the pre-generation commands, this will skip the already generated chunks and it will pre-generate the ones that are not generated yet.

You can remove the border at any time as well though we highly recommend that you expand it. The command for disabling the border is:
/wb <worldname> clear

🎯 World Border Center 🎯

The world border center means simply where is the center of your border.

To set it, you just need to type the following command:

/worldborder center <X> <Z>

NOTE: You can also use your current position using ~ instead of your X and Z coordinate numbers. By doing this, Minecraft will use your current position in your world.

📏 The Border Radius 📏

You can set a radius for your world border by typing the following command:

/worldborder set <radius>

NOTE: The is the radius. In this next example, we used the radius 10, so Minecraft will set 10 blocks for each side.

📐 Add or Remove Diameter Blocks 📐

With this feature, you can add and remove your world border diameter within a predefined time (in seconds).

You need just to type the following command:

/worldborder add <range> <seconds>

🤔 Usage Examples:

To increase:
/worldborder add 10 2

To decrease:
/worldborder add -10 2

✏️ Other Commands ✏️

You can also use the following commands to manage your world border better:

/worldborder damage amount <damagePerBlock>

This command will set the damage amount that players outside the world border buffer will take per second per block past the world border buffer distance.

/worldborder damage buffer <distance>

This command will set the world border buffer distance.

/worldborder get

This command will show the current world border diameter.

/worldborder warning distance <distance>

This command will set the world border warning distance.

/worldborder warning time <time>

This command will set the world border warning time.

If you find any issue setting your world border please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 08/26/2022

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