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Getting Started - How to Access Your Eco Server and Control Panel

Have you purchased your Eco server at GGServers? Then we're ready to go!

GGServers offers full access to your game server control panel, where you can manage everything that happens on your server!

✔️ How Do I Find My Game Server Panel and Server Connection Details ✔️

The credentials for your game server panel are located in the welcome email titled Your Game Server Details. You can also find this in the Email History option from your billing account, which we will show here.

To access your game server panel:

Log in to your billing account here.

Click on your profile button, then on Email History.

Email History

Click on the email titled Your Game Server Details, and you'll see your server information and the game server panel credentials!

Note your credentials and head over here to log in. You can find the game server panel link in the welcome email as well.


Use the credentials from the last step and login.


From here, you can see and manage your server.

After logging in, you will be able to find all your game servers. Double-click on the Eco server to manage it.


From here, you can View Connection Details, access the Console, upload, download, modify, or delete files using the File Manager, modify the Configuration options, and more!


Before you start playing, you will need to click the Update button to install the latest server files.


🚀 How Do I Join My Eco Server 🚀

You can connect to your server via your game panel or in-game.

💠 Game Server Panel

To join your server, you will have to:

Click on the icon located after the View Connection Details button, then click on Open Link.


Open Link

Click on Join Game.

Join Game

Now, you've just connected to your Eco server!

💠 Join In-Game

To connect to your server, you will have to use the server connection details (IP and port) from your game server panel, as shown below:

Launch Eco and click on Your Worlds.

Your Worlds

Click on the + button.

Add Server

Fill in your server connection details, then click on Join.


Now, you've just connected to your Eco server!

If you find any issues, contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 01/07/2024

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