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How to Reset Your Billing Area password

This guide will show you how to properly change your billing account password.

Please note that here, at GGServers, you have two different accounts, one for managing the billing side, meaning the Billing account, and one for managing your server, the Multicraft account. If you have to reset the Multicraft password we have a guide for that too here.

🔒 Reset Your Billing Area Password 🔒

To reset your billing area password you need to:

Go to your Billing Area on

🤔 Got the wrong password message?

Click on Forgot Password.

🌴 Should land you to:

Type your email address.

Complete the reCAPTCHA.

Click on Submit.

If you have an email address with us, you'll be emailed shortly!

Always make sure to check your SPAM!

If you find any issues changing your billing area password please contact us via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 04/06/2021

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