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How and When Should You Delete Your Player Data

This article will show you how to properly delete your player data.

🌲 What Are the Player Data 🌲

The player data folder contains a folder with the details of each player, like the inventory he has and the level.

NOTE: If you delete a player's' playerdata' folder, just his inventory and his level will be reset.

You can use console commands to add a player's level and inventory after you deleted his player data. Here is our guide explaining Vanilla commands.

When should I delete the player data:

Usually, the ticking entity error can be solved by deleting all player data, which is what generally breaks first and causes this ticking problem.

Here is our guide explaining the ticking entity error.

The playerdata contains mostly all player information, removing this will essentially make the player join as a new player, but it should fix the issue if the error is not too severe.

Also, if a player was able to join your server in the past but suddenly he can not join anymore, a possible solution for this fix is to delete his player data which will make him join as a new player

🔬 How to Delete Your Player Data 🔬

To delete your player data, please do the following:

Log into your control panel here.

Go to your server and look at the world option, remember the name it has, then stop your server.

Go to your main Multicraft page and click on Files, FTP File Access.

In here go to the folder that is named like the option in STEP 2.

Go to the playerdata folder.

Use our lookup tool to find the UUID of the player, it will be a long string of letters and numbers.

Here is our guide for finding a player UUID, please take a look.

Delete the file that has the name of the UUID. If there are other files with the player name, removing them is generally not needed.

Start your server.

You just deleted a specific player's playerdata folder.

If you have any issues deleting your player data, we please you to contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 03/04/2022

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