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How to Change the Difficulty on Your Terraria Server

After a long playtime in Terraria, you may want harder challenges with a higher difficulty level. Or maybe you want your gameplay to be easier, giving you as much freedom as you want to be creative. This can be done by changing your server difficulty.

NOTE ⚠: Do not mistake the server difficulty for the character difficulty, they are different.

Terraria offers four possible difficulties for your server:

Journey - This is the easiest way to play the game, allowing duplication and providing many starting items such as wings and tools.
Normal - This is the default one for Terraria and will provide an easy survival experience.
Expert - This is more challenging and increases enemy stats and behavior, along with providing more loot.
Master - This is the hardest one, increasing the enemy's stats and behavior and providing even more loot.

NOTE ⚠: If you want to set your server to a Journey world, you will be able to join only with a Journey character.

🎮 How to Change the Difficulty 🎮

To change your Terraria server difficulty, you will have to follow the next steps:

Log in to your AMP game server panel here.

Click on your Terraria instance, then click on Manage, and then stop the server.

Click on Configuration, then on Terraria Generator Settings.

Terraria Generator Settings

Find the section titled Difficulty and change it to the difficulty you want. The changes will be automatically saved as soon as you change the section.


Go back, click on Status, then on Start.


If you find any issues, contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 07/20/2023

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