This guide will help you to add a sub-user to your billing account.

This way you can have another person managing your Billing portal without giving them your credentials.

⚠ Important Notes ⚠

The other person will need to first create a Billing account here.

Also, be careful to whom you give access to your billing account and what permissions you give them as they could be able after to fully manage your payments and such depending on which permissions you give them.

🔒 Giving Permissions to the new Account 🔒

Once a new account is made, you need to give access to this user.

Log in to your Billing account here. (with your own account)

Click on the drop-down menu from your name, located above on the right side of the page, then click on User Management.

User Management

Under the INVITE NEW USER section, type the mail associated with the other account, then select the desired permissions and click on Send Invite.


NOTE: Be sure to carefully select the permissions for the other account according to what is needed. If you have doubts always contact our livechat, we can help 24/7!

Here are some tips on how you should select the permissions:

It is never recommended to give a user All Permissions, this means they can change your password, e-mail and other account details.

If you want the user to only be able to see and reply to tickets you have to select View & Open Support Tickets - Access to open, respond and manage support tickets. So you can let one of your server administrators manage the support tickets in case you are not able at that moment.

If you want the other user to be able to manage the payments of the invoices you have to select View & Pay Invoices - View and payment access to invoices. So you can buy a server with one of your friends and manage the payments together or let a friend do the payments if you are not able at the time.

Also, if you want the other user to only be able to see the emails associated with your billing account you have to select View Emails - Access to view account email history. So you can let one of your server administrators check the emails too.

Your friend will receive an e-mail containing a link for accepting the invite.

After doing so, he will have access to your billing account/ products according to the permissions you selected.

If you find any issues giving Billing access to another account, please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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