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Implement a Custom Resource/Texture Pack In Your Server

Do you want to upload and use costume textures on your server? And for the texture pack to be automatically installed when a player joins?

This guide will help you on how you can implement a custom resource pack or a custom texture pack in your server.

For this you will need to use an external website to host your texture. You’ll need the direct download link for it. You can use MediaFire for example. In this guide, we’ll use MCPacks for it.

🔩 Preparing Your Pack 🔩

Once you have your resource pack on your computer you need just to upload this resource pack to a website and get the direct download link of it.

First open in your browser.

Click to choose your file and click on Upload.

Once done, you’ll get your Download URL.

Please save this link/URL.

🔌 Installing Your Resource Pack 🔌

For installing the pack, you can either do it through Multicraft or your FTP File Access.

💠 Installing through Multicraft

To install it through Multicraft just follow these steps:

Login in your Multicraft and stop your server.

Click on Files, then on Config Files.

Click on Server Settings.

Find Resource Pack and paste the link/ URL you saved there, then click on Save.

Restart your server.

Done! Your server is now using your resource pack!

💠 Installing through FTP File Access

For this you’ll have to use your FTP File Access. If you don’t have any idea what is or how to use it, we have an awesome article about it that must help you. Just read our “How to: Access Your Minecraft Server Files Via FTP” article.

If you wish, you can also do it through FileZilla.

To install the pack via the FTP files access, please do the following:

Login in your Multicraft and stop your server.

Click on Files, then on FTP files access.

Put your password and click on Login

Find your file, right-click edit, paste your link on resource-pack= and click on Save.

Start your server.

Your server is now using your resource pack!

If you find any issues setting up a resource or a texture pack to your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 12/02/2021

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