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Project Zomboid Console Commands

This guide will show you how to access your console and use all the console commands that Project Zomboid offers.

If you've just purchased your Project Zomboid server, here is our guide for getting started and accessing your server control panel.

🚀 Accessing your game console 🚀

Accessing the console is very easy, you simply have to press the Enter or T key. You can use the following commands there.

⚙️ List of console commands ⚙️

/helpBring up the help menu.
/banid [SteamID]Ban a Steam ID.
/banuser [Username] -ip -r[ReasonText]Ban a user. For example: /banuser GGUser -ip -cheating.
/changeoption [OptionName] [NewValue]Change a server option.
/alarmSound alarm at the admin’s position. Must be in a room.
/createhorde [Number] [UserName]Spawn a horde near a player. [Username] is optional (if you leave it blank, the horde will spawn around you).
/changepwd [OldPwd] [NewPwd]Change your password.
/godmode [User]Make a player invincible.
/grantadmin [User]Give admin rights to a user.
/removeadmin [User]Remove admin rights to a user.
/additem [User] [ItemBaseID] [Count]Give an item to the player. If [User] is empty, you will receive the item. [Count] is optional.
/addvehicle [VehicleName]Spawn a vehicle.
/addxp [User] [SkillName=XP]Give XP to a specific skill.
/adduser [User] [Pwd]Add a new user to the whitelist.
/removeuserfromwhitelist [User]Remove a single user connected with a password to the whitelist.
/gunshotPlace a gunshot sound on a random player.
/invisible [User]Make a player invisible to zombies.
/kickuser [Username] -r[ReasonText]Kick a user.
/lightning [Username]Trigger lightning to a player.
/noclip [User]Allow a player to pass through solid objects like walls and structures.
/playersList all connected players.
/quitSave and quit the server.
/releasesafehouseRelease a safehouse you own.
/reloadlua [Filename]Reload a Lua script on the server.
/reloadoptionsReload server options and send to clients.
/replay [Playername] -[record/play/stop] filenameRecord and replay for moving player. For example. /replay GamerEmpire -record GamerEmpire.bin.
/saveSave the current world.
/servermsg [Message]Send a message to all players.
/setaccesslevel [User] [admin/moderator/overseer/gm/observer]Set the permission level of a player.
/showoptionsShow a list of current server options and values.
/startrain [Intensity]Start raining on the server. Intensity is between 1 to 100.
/startstorm [Duration]Start a storm on the server. Duration is the game’s hours.
/stoprainStop raining on the server.
/stopweatherStop the weather on the server.
/teleport [Player1] [Player2]Teleport [Player 1] to [Player 2].
/teleportto x,y,zTeleport to certain coordinates.
/thunder [Username]Trigger thunder to a player.
/unbanid SteamIDUnban a Steam ID.
/unbanuser [Username]Unban a player.
/voiceban [User] -[True/False]Ban a user from using the voice feature.

Updated on: 09/20/2023

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