Types of lag

Lag can have many different causes. Understanding the type of lag can help in finding a solution.

Delayed block breaking, movement lag, damage delay:

This type of lag usually happens due to network lag. This can also mean that your server is running out of RAM. You might want to consider adding more RAM to your server (This requires a plan upgrade!).

- One way to determine what kind of lag it is is to use a plugin such as “ClearLagg” and check your server’s TPS or ping.
- If your TPS is near 20, and you’re experiencing lag, then it is a network issue.
- If your ping is relatively low (less than 140ms), but you’re experiencing lag, it might be a server resource issue.

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Lag where you cannot look around, or where it is unbearably choppy: framerate issue on the client side:

This type of lag may be caused by a problem with the servers chunk generation.
It can also be caused by TNT/creeper explosions and damage to chunks (or block updates within nearby chunks)
This type of lag also may be caused by using ore-obfuscation or anti X-ray plugins. If that is the issue, you can try updating the plugin or remove it.
This type of lag may mean there are too many entities near you (mobs, dropped items, moving blocks, etc). Try clearing them using plugins, light up your caves, etc.
Or it may be that your computer is old.
A world reset can sometimes fix these issues.

Feel free to open a ticket in your client area if you need any assistance.
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