You will not be able to connect to NukkitX or PocketMine-MP servers. For that, you must use Bedrock Dedicated.

Minecraft Bedrock doesn't allow direct connections from XBOX and Nintendo Switch to a server IP like the Windows 10 Edition and Pocket Edition (MCPE) does.

Additional DNS Setup must be done.

📺 Connecting via XBOX and Nintendo Switch 📺

You can find a tutorial on how to setup that here:

How To Join ANY SERVER on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One -

Please also check this video as it is more updated -

For further reference, please access:

It's understandable why some might not want to use a random DNS server. Keep in mind that a DNS server does not have any access to the information you send to a server/website. It only knows the domains you are currently trying to use so it can respond with an IP to connect to, but nothing that has to do with the information you send to an actual server.

If you find any issues connecting to your Bedrock server from your XBOX or Nintendo Switch we ask you to contact us via live chat or the ticket system here.

❕ Useful Links ❕

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- Nukkit Introduction
- Bedrock Dedicated Introduction
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