This guide will show you how to properly connect to a Java (Bukkit/ Spigot/ PaperSpigot) server from a Bedrock edition using Geyser.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: Geyser is still under development and it may experience issues.

Please do not forget that Geyser is a plugin and you need to run Bukkit/ Spigot/ PaperSpigot to be able to use plugins. Geyser needs to be set up properly into your Bukkit/ Spigot/ PaperSpigot server in order for it to work.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: You need to first start by opening a ticket requesting for your Java server to be moved to a Bedrock node, otherwise you will not be able to join!

🔌 How to Install Geyser 🔌

The Geyser can be found as a plugin on its official page. To set it up into your server you first need to be sure that you are running a server type that is able to run plugins, like Bukkit/ Spigot/ Paper. We recommend Paper, it is the most optimized.

Download the Geyser-spigot jar from here and start your server.

Upload the jar file you just downloaded to your 'plugins' folder using Filezilla.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: Here is our guide for using Filezilla and here our guide for installing plugins into your server.

Restart your server.

Now Geyser is set up properly into your server.

After doing the steps above, you can use the '/plugins' command to see if the Geyser plugin is there and active.

🔩 How to Set Up Geyser 🔩

In order to set up properly the Geyser plugin you need to do the following:

Log in to your Multicraft panel here and click on Files, then on FTP files access.

After logging into your FTP, open the plugins folder, then open the Geyser-Spigot.

Click on config.yml file and then click on Edit.

Change the address and port to your actual server IP and Port which can be found on your main Multicraft page. As you can see the address is set by default to and the port to 19132.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: The address can be found at line number 13 and the port can be found at line number 15.

Save, then restart the server.

Now you just set up properly Geyser into your server and Bedrock editions should be able to join now.

🔎 How to Properly Connect 🔎

In order to connect to your Bukkit/ Spigot/ PaperSpigot server from a Bedrock edition, like Minecraft Windows 10 or the mobile version just open your Bedrock client and when you have to add the server put the IP in the Server Address box and the Port in the Port box.

After doing so, just connect to the server and play!

If you encounter any issues setting up Geyser into your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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