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How to Add Resource or Behavior Packs to Your Bedrock Server

This article will show you how to add a resource or behavior pack to your Bedrock server.

Keep in mind that behavior packs are available only for the Bedrock edition of Minecraft! Also, they are usually changing different mechanics of your Bedrock server, like advancements, structures, recipes, etc.

So you can use the Resource/ Behavior pack to create a better experience for your players on the server, altering the default game.

Please note that you cannot add resource/ behavior packs to a server directly, you need to load them first in a single-player world, then upload that world back to your server.

💻 Load Your Packs on Your Client 💻

The first step for adding resource/behavior packs is to load them into your Bedrock client.

To do so, follow the next steps:

Download the wanted resource/behavior packs to your PC.

Open Minecraft Bedrock on your PC, and leave it open in the background.

Double-click on all resource/behavior packs you want to add and they will automatically be imported to your Bedrock client.


🤖 How to Add Packs to Your Server 🤖

Please note that you cannot add resource/ behavior packs to a server directly, you need to load them first in a single-player world, then upload that world back to your server.

After you loaded the wanted resource/behavior packs on your client, you need to:

Download your Bedrock server world folder.

We have a guide explaining how to download your Bedrock world here.

Move your server world folder you just downloaded to your local minecraftWorlds folder.

To find the mentioned folder just press the Windows key, then type run and hit Enter. You will have to input the following in the window that appears, then hit the Enter key again:


Open your Minecraft Bedrock PC client, go to Worlds and click on the edit button for the world you just added to your minecraftWorlds.

NOTE: If your world is not showing up, you can right-click on the world folder you downloaded and add it to an archive (ZIP file). Then, rename it by changing the .zip at the end to .mcworld. When you double-click on the .mcworld file, it will automatically be imported to your Bedrock PC client as a new world.


Click on Resource Packs or Behaviors Packs depending on what pack you want to load, and then click on Activate to add them to your world.

Be sure the packs were first loaded into your Bedrock client as explained in the first section of the guide!

Now, that you added the resource/ behaviors packs to your world, you can get a copy of the world folder from the minecraftWorlds folder and proceed to upload it to your server.

NOTE: You can also export the world from your Bedrock PC client in the Worlds section by pressing the edit button for the specified world, then clicking on Export. The exported file will be a .mcworld file. Replace the .mcworld with .zip and copy the content of the archive to a new folder to get your actual world folder.

Export World

Log in to your Multicraft panel here and stop your server.

Stop Your Server

Upload your world back to your server.

Here is our guide explaining how to upload a custom world to your Bedrock server.

Start your server

Start Your Server

Now your server will load the world you uploaded with all of the resource packs and behavior packs.

If you find any issues adding resource/ behavior packs to your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 08/02/2023

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