This guide will show you how to properly turn on the Show Coordinates option into your Bedrock server.

NOTE: This is a global setting, if you enable it on the server any player will see the coordinates without the possibility of disabling them.

🔌 Enable the Show Coordinates option into your server 🔌

Log in to your Multicraft panel.

Open your Multicraft console by clicking on Console in the menu on the left side of the page, then type the following command:

/gamerule showcoordinates true

NOTE: If you use commands in the Multicraft console you need to use them without '/' at the beginning, as you can see in the example from above.

Now you just enabled the option of Show Coordinates into your Bedrock server.

You can also check more Bedrock features, commands and gamerules at the guide below:
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Feel free to open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any further assistance.
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