This article will show you how to create an automatic backup for bedrock servers.

First you will need to create a command for the backup:

Go to your Multicraft Panel.
Click Advanced --> Commands --> Create Command.
Name: Bedrock Backup
Required role: Owner
Prerequisite: None
Chat: bedrockbackup
For response leave it blank
Run: builtin:script bedrockbackup
Click on Create.

After that please setup a scheduled task with that command:

The currently Scheduled Task date and hour is related to your server location. (that you chose before purchase).

How to create a Scheduled Task

Scheduled task is very simple to configure it.

Go to your Multicraft Panel.
Click on "Advanced".
Select "Scheduled Tasks" and then click on "New Task" to create a task.

Set this name as you wish, for example: Automatic Backup

Your Task status.
Set it to “Scheduled” (which enables the task). If you want to pause it set it on “Paused” (which will temporarily disable it).

Scheduled Time
Set it when you want it to be scheduled.

Set the interval as you wish, we recommend 12 or 24 hours.

Select the name of your command made earlier (Bedrock Backup).

Leave it blank.

Run For
Set it on "Server".

Click on “Create”. And your task will be ready, and working.

You will have access to three backups, then the fourth is made it will replace the oldest.

Feel free to ask for help on Live Chat or open a ticket in your Client Area if you need any further assistance.
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