This guide will show you how to properly upload your custom Bedrock world to your server.

NOTE: When you have a Bedrock server, the world is not saved in the root directory as for Java ones, but in a folder called 'worlds' which can be found in the root directory of the server. The root directory of the server is the main one, the one that contains all other folders and files.

The first step is to use Filezilla to download your current world folder to back it up. It will be located inside the 'worlds' folder of the server. Here is our guide for using Filezilla.

NOTE: You can upload a custom world only on a Bedrock Dedicated server. For PocketMine and Nukkit it will not work, as they require a specific world types. For example, you can not upload a single player Bedrock world to a PocketMine server, but you can upload a world used on an older PocketMine server. A PockeMine server can use just a world generated with PocketMine, the same for Nukkit.

🔌 How to Upload Your World 🔌

To get your custom Bedrock world working on your server please do the following:

Rename your new world folder as the old one (which is called by default 'world').

Use Filezilla to delete the old world folder and upload the new one in his place, meaning inside the 'worlds' folder.

The example above shows how you upload the new world folder to the 'worlds' server directory after you removed the old one.

Restart the server.

Now you just uploaded your custom Bedrock world to your server successfully.

If you find any issues uploading your custom Bedrock world to your server feel free to contact us on live chat or via the ticket system here.

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