Do you want to prevent strange players from joining your server? Or only allow a few? This article will help you do this.

This guide will show you how to properly use the Whitelist option on your Bedrock Dedicated server.

❓ What is the Whitelist ❓

The Whitelist is a list of players that are allowed to join your server. If the Whitelist is enabled, players that are not listed there will not be able to join, being automatically kicked.

Please note that to use the following commands from this article you need to first OP yourself as our guide tells here.

NOTE: If you are using commands in the console you need to do it without the / at the beginning.

πŸ”Œ How to Enable the Whitelist πŸ”Œ

Login into your Multicraft panel here and stop your server.

Click on Files, then on FTP files access, and log in.

Find the file, click on it, then and click on Edit.

Set white-list=true, then click on Save and start the server.

Now you just enabled the Whitelist option in your Bedrock server.

πŸ”© How to Manage the Whitelist πŸ”©

To manage your whitelist you will use the following commands:

/whitelist add <nickname>

To add a player in the Whitelist.

/whitelist remove <nickname>

To remove a player from the Whitelist.

/whitelist reload.

This command will reload your server’s Whitelist file.

/whitelist list.

Show all players from your Whitelist.

If you find any issue setting up or using the Whitelist please feel free to contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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