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Corrupted World Error Type

This guide will help you identify and potentially fix a corrupted world error on your server.

🗺️ What Is a Corrupted World 🗺️

Corruption means that data from parts of your world is damaged. It's usually caused by game or plugin/mod errors breaking that world. It can prevent you from going to a specific zone or chunk from your world by crashing the server when you enter it.

A corrupted world means that your world has so much corrupt data that the server will not even be able to start.

When this happens, your server will crash and provide an error in the console and a report in your files.

World corruption can commonly appear when you change between Minecraft versions without generating a new world.

❔ How to Identify a Corrupted World ❔

💠 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: ChunkNibbleArrays should be 2048 bytes not: 0

If your server crashes with the error above your world is fully corrupted.

This error usually appears when you downgrade your version, or when you change between a number of versions.

Also, if your server is crashing every time you enter a specific zone or chunk, then your world is partially corrupted with the specific zone or chunk being the source.

🗸 How to Solve a Corrupted World Error 🗸

To try restoring back a fully corrupted world, we recommend downloading it to your machine, then trying to run it as a single-player world. If your client can use it, then the issue should be solved and you should be able to upload the world back to your server.

Here is our guide for downloading your world and here the one for uploading the world back.

You can also try using a world editor like MCASelector and remove the corrupted chunks from your world. Note that you can use this method only if you have a partially corrupted world and that you know which specific chunks are the corrupted ones.

If nothing works, you will have to generate a new world or restore a backup from before the issue happened.

Here is our guide for restoring a backup and here the one for generating a new world.

If you still have any questions or issues regarding a possible corrupted world on your server please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 05/20/2022

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