This guide will show you how to properly remove unwanted chunks using MCASelector, which is a world editor.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: We highly recommend you start the process by backing up your world so you have a copy in case anything goes wrong in the process! Here is our guide for backing up your world.

🤔 Why Should You Remove Chunks 🤔

The process of removing chunks from your world can be useful for many reasons such as:

Improving performance by removing chunks that are not used anymore, that are old, or are in use in areas that are not useful to players.

Generating predefined structures again. Like an End city for example. Deleting chunks regenerates them.

Getting rid of a specific chunk in case you want to remove it or in case you want to edit your world.

Getting rid of a specific chunk in case of a ticking entity error.

❓ What Is MCASelector and How to Set It Up ❓

MCASelector is a free world editor for Minecraft worlds that you can use to view, edit or change the world from your server.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: You will have to first download your world to be able to load it in MCASelector. After changing what you need you will have to reupload your world.

Here is our guide for downloading your world and here is the one for uploading it back to your server.

For more details about MCASelector, you can see the official page here.

To set up MCASelector on your PC you will have to:

Download the version you need (either the Windows Installer one or the Universal one) from the official page here. The version could be different by the time you read this, newer is always better though!

Double-click on the file you downloaded to open the MCASelector application.

🚫 How to Remove Unwanted Chunks 🚫

After setting up MCASelector we can get to removing chunks from our current world.

To do so you will have to first download your world as our guide says here here.

Also, it is highly recommended to make a backup before so you have a copy of your world in case anything happens in the process. Here is our guide for backing up your world.

To start removing chunks you will have to:

Open the MCASelector and click on File, then on Open Region and find the world folder you just downloaded from your server.

Find the region files/ folder for the dimension you want, then open it.

The Overworld region files are usually located right in the regions folder from inside your world folder, but the Nether and End ones are located in the folders called DIM-1 and DIM1.

Now you will have to select the chunks you want to remove by clicking on them. You can also click and drag to select bigger areas.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: Right clicking will remove chunks from your selection and the wheel button can be used to navigate through the world.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: You will have to zoom in as much as you can to see the 'real' chunks, which are 16x16.

After selecting all chunks you want to remove, click on Selection, then on Clear.

You just removed all selected chunks!

🚀 Using the Filter System 🚀

MCASelector presents an interesting option as a world editor: the filter system. It helps you select multiple chunks or areas using specific rules.

For example, you can use the filter system to select areas from a specific point to another or to select chunks that were not visited by players in the last 24 hours.

To use the filter system you will have to:

Open the MCASelector and click on Tools, then on Filter Chunks.

Start making new rules by changing the given options.

The following are some of the most interesting rules you can use to select chunks:

LastUpdate - To select chunks that were loaded before or after a specific time which you select.
Palette - To select chunks that contain specific blocks by name.
xPos, yPos and zPos - To select chunks on given axis X, Y, and Z; the center of your world will be considered the 0 on all axis and you will be able to select blocks/ areas that are lower or higher than a specific number on the specified axis.
InhabitedTime - To select chunks that were not visited for a specified time by players.

You can use the rules above in many instances to clear unwanted chunks and it will be easier and faster to select them this way.

Tick the box for Select, then click on OK.

If you find any issues removing unwanted chunks from your world please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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