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How to Use the JSON Validator (JSON Error Type)

This article will explain what is the JSON Validator and how to use it to identify and solve a JSON error type.

🚧 The JSON Error Type 🚧

You will have to use the JSON Validator when your server is crashing because of a corrupted JSON file.

The error will look like this in your Multicraft console:

## Encountered an unexpected exception - End of input at line X column X path X

This error appears when you edited badly a JSON file as they have a specific editing type. Probably, the JSON corrupted file is one of the main .json files such as ops.json, whitelist.json, usercache.json, banned-players.json and banned-ips.json etc.

Please be sure that to ban players you are using the console command and not editing manually the banned-players.json file: /ban playername

Also, please be sure that you are editing the whitelist as our guide is telling here and not by editing manually the whitelist.json file.

🔩 How to Solve 🔩

The easiest way to solve this error is to delete all default JSON files mentioned above with your server stopped, then start it again and they will be generated again with the default configuration.

If you run a modded server, this also means that you have a broken JSON. Possibly some mod configuration that has been changed inside the /config folder. You can either remove the folder and restart the server or remove the file you've just edited, so the server will generate a new one. To properly do that, please proceed to this article:

But if you want to identify where the mistake is in the JSON file you will have to use our JSON Validator tool.

The JSON Validator Tool

To verify a JSON file please do the following:

Log in to your Multicraft panel here.

Click on Tools, then on JSON Validator.

Paste the content of the JSON file in the text box and click on Parse Text.

See the result and the position of the corruption and remove it.

NOTE: Our JSON editor will give you the exact position of the character that is producing the corruption. If the position is 4 for example, then the fourth character is the one, and it is also telling which one is the character. In the image above, the character u from the fifth position is the first one generating the error.

If you find any issues using the JSON Validator tool or solving a JSON error please contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 03/09/2021

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