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Kicked by an Operator Error

This article will show you how to fix the "Kicked by an Operator" error on your minecraft server.

❓ Accessing your Multicraft Panel ❓

To be able to fix that error you will need to access your panel first. You can have a look over our guide on how to do that here:

Getting Started! - How to Access and Use Your Multicraft Panel

🌲 Changing the Default Role Permission 🌲

When you receive that error, it means that the default role is set to "No Access". It needs to be set to Guest for users to be able to join:

Log in to your Multicraft panel here.

Scroll down to the Show Permissions part of your panel and set the Default Role option to Guest:

Click "Save" and the players will be able to join now.

❕ Useful Links ❕

- Getting Started! - Accessing your Server Control Panel
- How to: OP Yourself on Your Minecraft Server
- How to Upload and Use a Custom Jar File

Updated on: 10/05/2023

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