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What Is The RAM Memory and How Much Do I Need for My Server?

❓ What is RAM? ❓

RAM is the processing memory, the one that the CPU (processor) is using to fulfill all of your requests on the server such as placing blocks. All actions that the machine does is influenced by both the CPU and memory.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: Be aware that the RAM is not the same as storage space. Storage space is used when you upload files to your server. For example, if you upload a 20GB world you occupy 20GB from the storage space, not RAM.

All server performance is directly influenced by RAM. More RAM means that your server will run better. RAM also influences the performance of the server more than the CPU. For example, in most cases, our 2GB RAM Standard server offers better performance than the 1GB RAM Premium which has a better CPU. Those plans can be found at the same price on our page, but the first one runs better for most people.

Here you can see the difference between our Standard and Premium plans.

The question is how to determine the desired amount of RAM before purchasing a server so you do not have performance issues while playing, like lag.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: 1 GB RAM = 1024 MB RAM

📜 Our Plans 📜

As you can see on our official page, our servers can be purchased on several plans but the main difference (besides the difference in player slots) is the RAM amount. Here is a list of all the plans we offer:


⚠ NOTE ⚠: The player slots number is the number of players that can play at the same time on the server but this does not mean that a 1 GB RAM server will be able to keep 12 players on the latest version of the game. The player slots number is also available for older versions of Minecraft like 1.8.8 which needs less RAM to run.
The number of players, the server type and version as well as the number of plugins/mods you run determines the amount of RAM you will need.

🔩 How Much RAM Do I Need 🔩

To determine the amount of RAM your server will need, you usually must take into consideration the following:

The number of players that will be online
The number of plugins or mods you would want to run
The size of your world.

💠 The Number of Players

Here you can see the recommended amount of players for each of our plans:‏‏‎‎‎‎‎‎

PlanRAMPlayer Number
Stone1GBMaximum 4 players
Coal2GBMaximum 8 players
Iron3GBMaximum 16 players
Gold4GBMaximum 20 players
Lapis5GBMaximum 34 players
Redstone6GBMaximum 40 players
Diamond8GBMaximum 80 players
Emerald12GBMaximum 120 players
Amethyst16GB120+ players
Beacon32GB120+ players

These recommendations are available even for the latest version (i.e. 1.15.2). As you go to older versions, the RAM amount required decreases. For example, on a 1.8.8 you can keep up to 8-12 players with 1 GB of RAM and some plugins/mods (maximum 3-4), depending on the size of your world.

💠 Plugins and Mods

Here you will find the recommended amount of plugins or mods for each of our plans.

⚠ NOTE ⚠: These recommendations depend on the mods and plugins. Some are more demanding than others.


PlanRAMPlugins Number
Stone1GB0 plugins
Coal2GBMaximum 8 plugins
Iron3GBMaximum 24 plugins
Gold4GBMaximum 36 plugins
Lapis5GBMaximum 44 plugins
Redstone6GBMaximum 52 plugins
Diamond8GBMaximum 64 plugins
Emerald12GBMaximum 72 plugins
Amethyst16GBOver 72 plugins
Beacon32GBOver 72 plugins

🧶 MODS 🧶

PlanRAMMods Number
Stone1GB0 mods
Coal2GBMaximum 8 mods
Iron3GBMaximum 24 mods
Gold4GBMaximum 36 mods
Lapis5GBMaximum 44 mods
Redstone6GBMaximum 52 mods
Diamond8GBMaximum 64 mods
Emerald12GBMaximum 72 mods
Amethyst16GBOver 72 mods
Beacon32GBOver 72 mods

💠 The World Size

Another important factor when it comes to RAM is the size of your world. As the world gets bigger, the server will require more RAM to process it. So as time passes and you explore more of your world, more RAM will be needed. Additionally, if you upload a big world to your server, this will also increase your RAM necessity for processing.

Here you can see the recommended world size for each of our plans:

PlanRAMWorld Size
Stone1GBMaximum 4GB world size
Coal2GBMaximum 7GB world size
Iron3GBMaximum 10GB world size
Gold4GBMaximum 16GB players size
Lapis5GBMaximum 22GB world size
Redstone6GBMaximum 28GB world size
Diamond8GBMaximum 56GB world size
Emerald12GBMaximum 120GB world size
Amethyst16GB120GB+ world size
Beacon32GB120GB+ world size

🛠 Wrong Amount of RAM? 🛠

In case you did not choose the correct amount of RAM and you are experiencing bad performance with your server, all you have to do is upgrade your plan. We offer the possibility to upgrade any time by just paying the remaining difference according to how many days passed from your billing cycle. So, if you upgrade you pay a fair price, not the entire billing cycle again.

Here is our guide for upgrading your server.

Also, in case you did not choose the right amount of RAM for the server type you are running you can change to a less demanding one like Vanilla or Paper any time by doing a clean installation.

Here is our guide for doing a clean install.

Please note that modpacks usually require more RAM.

Here you can find the recommended amount of RAM for each of our modpacks.

If you find any issue regarding your server RAM amount or if you have any questions please feel free to contact us on live chat or via the ticket system.

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Updated on: 08/26/2022

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